Saturday, September 7, 2013

Maybe Simplicity is Better

Hello Curlies :),
Im trying to be more active on this blog, so here is a brief update. I am going to be doing a simplified regimen for two months. I will only be using 2-3 product lines, and all the products will have ayurvedic properties. I am doing a Keep it Simple challenge for me and my daughter. I started today with my daughter, I used a bentonite clay with aloe vera juice to cleanse her hair and then I gave her a Amla treatment. Her hair felt fantastic afterwards. I am going be more specific in a later post what styling products I will be using. I may attempt to make my own butters and leave ins as well. We shall see, if you wish to join me please leave comment maybe I will turn this challenge into a future giveaway. Lets do this!!!!

Ayurvedic Powders and Herbs I will be using:
Marshmallow Root
Burdock Root
Calendula Flower
Rhassoul Clay
Bentonite Clay
Apple Cider Vinegar
Aloe Vera Juice


  1. I will most definitely be joining you on this Challenge!! I will be using some ayurvedic herbs and treatments for cleansing and conditioning, then using an ayurvedic butter and oil combo to seal and moisturize!

  2. Replies
    1. It's going well. I've had my hair in mini twist flow two weeks now. Going for one more week. I remoisturize my hair every 3-4 days. I've been using the stimulating hair tea rinse from Natural Hair Community. I put I. A spray bottle with avocado and peppermint oil. Also been using products from Texture Me Natural since her products have Ayurvedic ingredients. My scalp has been doing quit well too. No product build up. So far so good.

    2. Two weeks ago when I last washed my hair:
      I washed my with my diy castille soap shampoo.

      Deep conditioned with Ayurvedic powders mixed with herbal tea. I used rhassoul, brahmi and amla along with various oils. Rinsed.

  3. Sounds like you are progressing along nicely :)