Thursday, August 16, 2012

Changes in my regimen

My official natural hair anniversary is July 2011 after being relaxed since 4th grade, I never imagined embracing my hair texture. Many ladies wonder what is secret to growing long hair; well there really is not one everyone is different. I have found for myself using ayurvedic herbs to be very helpful.

I use the herbs once a week in my conditioner, for most part I use same ones unless I need to adjust to my needs. I only wash my hair with shampoo bars which are less drying. I use the loc method, which is leave in, oil, cream. In my next post I will go further into loc method and will also share the herbs I use along with their benefits.  I will be sharing more photos next month, my big chop was September 20, 2011. What changes have you made lately to your hair regimen????

I use this to clarify my hair if I dont feel like mixing something up such as Rhassoul Clay or Bentonite Clay.
This consist of  Tresemme Natural, Brahmi, Hibiscus, and Amla Powder along with coconut oil, avocado oil, and finally JCBO.


  1. Hey Lex, which shampoo bar is that? I noticed that Sage carries some now so I plan to get a few. Eleanor

  2. Hi Eleanor,
    Its called J'Rel Detox Clay Bar she also has a Rhassoul Clay bar that is good :).

  3. I've been keeping my ends tucked in/covered as much as I can, because these single strands knots seem to like to thrive in this summertime heat.

    I love that DC mix,I usually add similar herbs to mine :)

  4. Thanks :)I had to recently trim my hair because of that.

  5. I have been doing oil rinses to keep those pesky single strand knots at bay.:/