Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Put some kick in your conditioner

This is pretty much an continuation of the last post I did concerning changing up my hair regimen. I posted a picture along with the post to share some of the ingredients that I include in my cowash. To start off all you need is a basic conditioner what ever brand that you desire, you should also have 2-3 carrier oils to add to it they can be extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, etc.

Now to the meat of this post, the ayurvedic powders there are three that I use on a regular basis when I do this treatment/cowash. They include brahmi, amla, and hibiscus; I will go into some further detail as to their benefits for your hair. 

Brahmi= Cools the scalp, helps with dandruff, also helps strengthen the hair root.
Amla= Helps with hair growth and thickness, if you have issues with thinness amla will help strengthen your hair. This can also be used to help clean the hair, use on regular basis will add shine and luster to the hair. 
Hibiscus= A gentle cleanser and conditioner which helps with shedding of hair, by strengthening and conditioning it. Its also increases shine, helps with hair growth, and scalp issues. 

All of three of these are excellent items to add to your conditioner, if you use these or want to try them please share your experience with me. Feel free to leave your comments. 


  1. I love using these three powders. I'm getting a sew-in this weekend so I'm prepping my hair on Friday. Hopefully I can keep it in for over two weeks. LOL. Great info:)

  2. Great post Lex. Those 3 along with Kalpi Tone are some of my favs :)

    1. Going to try Kalpi Tone at some point thank you :)