Thursday, May 30, 2013

Natural Hair Community Whipped Amla Butter and Growth Stimulating Hair Tea

     Allie, from the Natural Hair Community contacted me a while back to review these products. Due to me not blogging or vlogging as much it took me a minute to get to the products. However over the past couple of months I have used the tea at least four different times and the butter twice. The factor that persuaded me to review these products is the wonderful ingredients. I used the tea following the instructions  sent to me with products. The instructions stated boil six cups of water and allow the tea to seep in the water for about 45 minutes. It states you can use about two teaspoons of tea. You are suppose to rinse your hair twice with the tea and then between those rinses massage your scalp for few minutes. It also states you can leave the tea rinse in without rinsing it out. I used the tea following these directions the first two times. The left over tea can be used as a spritz. The tea contains lavender, hibiscus, and rosemary. 

    My experience the first two times of use was ok; the first time my hair felt kinda weird but I disregarded it as the combination of products I used. The second time I experience the same thing and it left my hair feeling kind of dry. The third time I decided to rinse my hair only once instead twice and rinsed the tea out instead of leaving it in. My results were a little better, the final time I added some ingredients to it. I watched one of Allie's videos and she talked about how she added some oils to her tea so I decided to do that to see if it would be more moisturizing. I added two ingredients (calendula flower and marshmallow root) and a little bit of avocado oil. Well it worked my hair felt soft and moisturized afterwards.

     As far as the whipped amla butter I did not use it as a styler, but I did use it to seal my ends. It did what it was suppose to do keep my ends moisturized. Also with the butter a little goes a long way. My final thoughts the tea worked for me better with additional ingredients and the butter was good as a sealer for me. If you would like additional information on her line I will include a link to her website. I will also list ingredients for both products below. I hope this review was helpful if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. :) 

Growth Stimulating Tea: Lavender: Stimulates hair growth, aids in hair loss, relieves dandruff, and promotes calm and relaxation.
Rosemary: Stimulates hair growth, adds shine to dull hair also relieves dandruff.
Do not use Rosemary if pregnant, have epilepsy or have high blood pressure. Nettles can be substituted for Rosemary.
Hibiscus Petals: Stimulates blood circulation and ensures the supply of essential nutrients to the hair follicles. The extracts of Hibiscus help to control dandruff and hair fall.

Whipped Amla Butter: Pure Unrefined Raw Ivory Shea Butter, Amla Powder, Hibiscus and Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Essential Oil Blend