Friday, February 17, 2012


Hello Curlfriends ,
So I have been trying to decide what my next blog post was going be about I want to make this blog a mixture of topics. Some of them may not be hair related. However in the course of doing my research I came across an article talking about the ingredients that you should specifically look for when deciding on a conditioner for your hair. I found this information to be very useful and thought I would share. There are several things to consider when looking at conditioners; the first important ingredient is fat. The conditioner should contain lots of fat, sounds kind of weird huh  It would be considered fatty alcohols these kind are good for your hair; they include cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, strearyl alcohol, and finally myristyl alcohol. The second ingredients to look for are humectants which can draw moisture from the environment to your hair. Also emollients and conditioning agents; some examples of these are propylene glycol, sodium lactate, sodium PCA, hydantion, glycerin, polyquartermium, glyceryl stearate, and centrimonium chloride. The third ingredient I was really surprised about because from previous readings it was brought to my attention that silicones are bad for your hair. However according to this article when using a deep conditioner you want find one with a few silicone ingredients. It states that not all cones are bad for your hair and some are useful. The benefits of the good cones are they make it easier to detangle your hair; keep in mind if you find a conditioner that has water and than a bunch of cones listed behind it you may want to be leary. It goes on to say that there are some cones that do not leave your hair cuticles clogged. I will do some futher research on what those are and make another blog post about it. So in summary; what I got from this article is when seeking out a conditioner look for water, fats, and humectants/emollients.

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