Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Natural Way Organics

This will be my very first product review; I attempted to email several companies to obtain samples and this particular company was nice enough to send me three of their bars. The name of the company is Natural Way Organics they have an extensive product line which includes shampoo, baby products, bar soap, household cleaners, bath and body, and pet shampoo. Due to the fact I have super sensitive skin I was really nervous about trying these products. However I proceeded to use all three bars in completion over a couple of weeks. I also used them on my daughter whose skin is less sensitive. I must say all of them were excellent and I had no adverse reactions. The three bars that I was sent were: Organic Peppermint Bar Soap (Stimulating Scent for Oily Skin), Organic Citrus Bar Soap (Refreshing Scent for Regular Skin), and Organic Oatmeal Lavender Bar Soap (Relaxing Scent/Dry Skin. The bar soaps that I enjoyed the best were the oatmeal lavender and the peppermint which really refreshed my oily skin. These bars are priced at 3.99 per bar on their website and the oz per bar is 3.

Ingredients=Organic Oil of Palms, Coconut, Olive and Palm Kernel, Natural Essential Oil Blend, Organic Orange oil, Organic Orange Peel and Rosemary Extract (Citrus Bar)
The peppermint bar soap had the same ingredients but had Organic Spearmint Leaves, instead of orange peel or orange oil.
The oatmeal lavender bar soap had the same ingredient but had natural lavender essential oils and organic lavender instead of spearmint, orange peel, or orange oil.

Please take the time to check out their website and products for those of you that use organic :)
P.S. I notice they have sale right now buy $20 worth product get free shipping, happy shopping :); Also if you contact them they will send you a sample.


  1. Yay...your first review! :0 I know I'm silly..lol. Great job Lex. :)