Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My hair is getting on my nerves!

We all have felt this way at sometime in out natural hair journey; but thing is don't get discouraged if all else fails and the hair won't cooperate create a go to style whether it be a fro, ponytail, scarf, etc....Another thing is everyone's hair is different so don't sweat trying to be like the next person. Embrace those curls and know that even if they are not flowing down your back your hair is still the bomb. If you want some variety; accessorize with some cute earrings, a headband, or some fly earrings to me some earrings will set a natural hairstyle off :) In my next blog I will be posting some different hairstyles for all natural hair lengths. I will also be doing a yt video very soon about me and my hair journey so look out. Until then be naturally inspired because NATURAL GIRLS ROCK!!!

1 comment:

  1. I needed to hear this cause i get discouraged because my hair doesn't grow as fast as everyone else's. But when i looked at my growth over the months i've noticed that it does grow! Thanks Alot!!