Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Natural Needs

What are the essential products for a natural???
Hello… Today I’m going discuss what are the essential items that a natural needs no matter your hair type. They will be listed below…
·        Patience
·        A few essential oils (coconut, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, etc…)
·        A moisturizing conditioner, washing with conditioner is very , very important for natural and imperative to retaining moisture.
·        Wide tooth comb and Denman Brush
·        Some old Tshirts; believe or not towels suck the moisture out of your hair always best to use a towel to dry.
·        A good cleansing shampoo, wash, or mud wash…Now washing really depends on your preference some people do it once week other once month.
·        Silk scarf or bonnet
I really hope this list helps for those who are starting their natural journey or are thinking about going natural until next time stay inspired…..Have any question feel free to ask 


  1. This does help. I've been natural for 2-3 years, but most days my hair doesn't turn out right. Some days it feels too greasy, then it gets too dry. And I never seem to get the same results twice in a row even if I do the exact same thing! So frustrating.

  2. Hi Bridgett,
    I totally understand but dont get frustrated if you need some ideas for styles I will post some styles probably today. Also have you tried using the loc method; what that stands for is leave in, oil, and than cream I highly recommend this for natural hair. If its greasy that means you have some product build up it needs to be cleansed with a sulfate free shampoo or a mud wash; not sure if you have tried the mud wash but I just ordered some the other day and when I receive and try it out; will post pics and my results on the blog. Stay encouraged it can be tedious at sometimes but I believe its worth it. If ever want chat feel free to send me an email @ :).